1.3.2013 Workout

Happy birthday to my partner in crime, my bestie that convinced me to try Crossfit in the first place!

In honor of her, I agreed to visit her box and do her birthday workout with her tonight.  Little did I know that she’s a freaking SADIST and requested KAREN (that’s 150 wall balls for time kids!) as her birthday workout!

I still love her, but will think again when I promise a sweat sacrifice as a birthday gift.

Warm Up:  Pretty standard.  This is probably the coldest day of the whole winter so far in Florida, so even after the warm up, I wasn’t even close to warm.

SWOD:  Snatch 5×3

We did a pretty extensive snatch warm up with the PVC pipe and the empty bar to make sure we were really ready for this.

5×3 @ 33 lbs

I did a few of them as full squat snatches, but was having trouble getting my balance.  Obviously, I haven’t been to Crossfit in over a month and didn’t want to overdo it my first day back, so I changed to power snatches and added and OHS to work on my stability.

WOD:  Karen 150 wall balls for time

Time: 15:50ish at 120 wall balls- 90 with 15 lbs slam ball, 30 with 10 lbs slam ball

So I had every intention of doing this with a 10 lbs ball, as I know I’ve lost a lot of fitness from being out AND being sick for so long.  Unfortunately, there weren’t enough 10 lbs balls to go around, and there were folks far newer than me who needed and wanted the lighter weight.  I decided to be a good sport, but by about 60 reps in my legs were literally giving out.

I knew I wasn’t going to be able to finish this workout.  I hate to say that, but physically I was not able to do it.  My legs were shaking so bad by around the 100 rep mark I was doing singles and failed reps stuck at the bottom of the squat and unable to stand up.

When the birthday girl finished, I called it.  With 30 reps left to go.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit disappointed, but I know that I gave it all that I had.

Now to foam roll myself so that I can walk, and WOD, again by Monday!

Guest Post: Accept Your Growth

Time after time I’ve attributed my success with and commitment to Crossfit to the amazing coaches that I have pushing me every single day.  Coach being one who inspires me the most.  He’s given me countless pep talks, and time and again finds new ways to help me succeed.  His knowledge is vast, his sarcasm endless.

I can’t sum up how awesome he and the other coaches are in a blog post, but I can share with you one of hundreds of examples of how he not only motivates me, but all of the athletes he coaches daily with the below guest blog post.

Yeah, he realizes that this means his pervy comments are no longer anonymous on this blog, but if even one thing he says below pushes YOU a little bit harder and a little bit farther today than you thought you could go, he believes it’s worth it.

Oh, and for the record, this is TOTALLY not me that he’s blogging about.  I swear.  No seriously, today was a planned rest day.  Damn it.

Aaron Weedo
Aaron Weedo

By:  Aaron Weedo
Owner, Athlete, Head Coach of Crossfit LWR
CrossFit Level 1
USAW Level 1
Division I Football Player
Division I Baseball Player

Me: “Hey, why didn’t you come in today?”

Random CFLWR Member: “Because it’s snatch, and I’m really horrible at snatch and I’m no good.”

This is a scene that is far too often played out either in the gym, text message, facebook, etc. I will honestly tell you that this is one of the most disappointing conversations I have. I want you all to understand something about “leaving your ego at the door.”

Running from WODs because of a movement you see come up is not something I condone and want to help lay some groundwork that may help you overcome your fears. As you know, the word “can’t” doesn’t exist in this gym. If you can’t snatch the super scared of getting a bar over your head? Do you just not understand the re has to be a reason. Is it mobility? Is it that you are new? Is it the fact that you are movement? No matter the reason, you ARE allowed to feel that way, and it’s totally expected.

So much of what we teach you in here takes time to learn. Not time in today’s sense. For instance, I put something in the microwave, and “BAM”, it’s ready. Or, I want to look something up so I ask Siri. Time, good, old fashioned, TIME. I’ve read that it can take up to 10 years to fully learn and grasp the snatch (yup, I meant to do that!). This is just one movement though, and we have a multitude of movements and standards that must be achieved. This is hard enough for the young whipper snapper that comes to the gym 3 hours a day for the first 10 years of his life. Let alone, you, the mom, the dad, the boss, the busy ass person that you are!!

We are looking for you to gain a basic understanding of movements that we feel are going to offer the best variety and functionality in real life. Many of you, however, have never done any sort of athletic sport/adventure your entire life. For you to expect yourself to master these movements would be like me going into the operating room later to remove someone’s tonsils. I’m not trying to compare snatching to operating but hopefully the point is not lost. I’ve been lifting weights and more specifically “training” for some sort of sport since I was 14. I sure as hell hope that whatever movement I’m showing you looks like I’ve been doing it for a while.

The point here is to enjoy your growth. Accept your growth, as an athlete, as a CrossFitter, and as a person. I was able to throw over 90 mph on the baseball field after 18 years of practicing the sport! You don’t think that was frustrating. I was always around guys that threw harder than me. But I trusted in long-term growth. I wanted to get better, and I did. We have set up a program that requires your commitment. It truly does. If you’re not committed, you will not get better, and you are probably going to quit. I hate to see this but it does happen. I will tell you though, that if you come in, even on the days you’re scared, we will help you. We will show you what you CAN do in order to be able to do get better at the things you can’t do. Getting better will not happen though if you are not doing lifts, not finishing the required number of reps, or cheating on your diet every change you get. But, if you stay committed, put in the time, put in the work, and just be patient and trust that we will get you where you need to be, you will feel the best you have ever felt about yourself. Overcome your fears, trust in the program you pay for, and by all means, “leave your ego at the door and your sweat on the floor.”


Dear 5:30 a.m.,

Why do you feel so much earlier on Monday than you do on Friday?

Love, Me

Made it to class this morning, and finally started waking up about half way through strength.  In the end I am SO happy I went, but getting out of bed was a cranky experience for sure.

Warm Up:  The usual (row 400, leg swings, 10 air squats, 5 side lunges each leg, 5 inch worms, 5 chair sits each leg, 10 toy soldiers, 10 t swings, 10 scorpions)

Mobility:  T spine with double LX balls and broom stick.  My left side is sticking and has been for a few weeks now.  I have a nasty knot back there.  Might be time for a massage.

SWOD:  Tall snatch 5×3

These suck.  Ok, so that’s an exaggeration.  It’s probably much more fair to say, this is a drill I need to continue to practice.

I know I lean forward and come up on my toes when I snatch, and this drill makes it so SO obvious.  As long as I keep the weight super light I can usually correct when I’m in my squat and not fall forward, but not always.

So today I really tried to focus on NOT coming forward so that the correction wasn’t needed.  Coach was really helpful with that too, even though part of his “help” included him standing 6 inches in front of me and telling me not to hit him with the bar on the way down.

Thank god I didn’t, but I kept having visions of losing my balance and falling forward and face planting in his crotch.  Talk about embarrassing.


5 DB snatch R
10m farmers carry R
10 DB snatch L
10m farmers carry L

Time: 5:15 @25 lbs for 2 rounds and 30 lbs for last 3 rounds

When we warmed up the snatches I had initially grabbed a 20 lbs db and realized right away it was too light.  Coach made all of us grab a heavier one, so I went with 25.

3-2-1 and go and I flew through the first round of the workout.  I actually think I was on my way down for the first farmers carry of the second round when people were still coming back.  I had a brief thought that my weight might still be too light before then, but when I saw that I realized I had went WAY too light.

Luckily, coach realized it too and had a 30 lbs db waiting for me on my way back.

*whispers* I should have done 35.

In my defense, I SWEAR I wasn’t sandbagging this.  The last time we did this movement I used a 20 lbs dumbbell and while I think the sets were a little longer, the weight was HEAVY and I was the last to finish that workout.  Granted that workout also contained wall balls which continue to be my nemesis… but I digress.

That said, I’m SUPER excited because this tells me a few things.  One, I’m getting stronger.  Two, my form on my snatches is likely getting better (these felt smoother than they ever have before), so I’m able to do more weight more efficiently.  And finally, three, I continue to underestimate myself.

Filing this info away for next time we do DB snatches.

Cool Down: 1000m row ~ 5 minutes


The problem with attending Crossfit during my lunch break is that I don’t stop sweating for probably an hour after I’m done with class.  Since I only get a finite amount of time for lunch, I don’t really have the option of laying naked on the locker room floor until I cool off before changing and going back to work.

Not to mention, who would want to lay naked in a public locker room anyway?  Ewie.

But regardless, the only way to fit in my workout today was to go during lunch, so I made it work.  Even if I am stinky and offensive to my co-workers.

Warm Up: The usual stuff.  Practiced a few toes to bar before class.  If I do a kind of double kipping swing I can get my toes to maybe a foot away.  It sounds pathetic, but I’m not even joking it is SO much closer than I’ve ever been before.

SWOD:  Deadlift 4×3
1×10 RDL @33 warm up
1×3@153 PR

I am starting to appreciate the art that is the deadlift.  This was traditionally my least favorite lift ever, but once I figured out what the coaches actually mean when they say “knees out” and what muscles they want activated, it changed this lift for me.  Now, rather than feeling it in my back I feel it in my glutes where I’m supposed to.

This was an exciting PR.  We pulled for 1 RM right before we moved into the new box back in July and it was every ounce of everything I had to get 143 off the ground.  So a 10 lbs PR for 3 reps makes me very happy.


1 mile run (or 1600m row)
Isabel (30 snatches for time)

Score: 8:43 with row and 43 lbs

Ok call me sadistic, but this was FUN!  Part of me really wishes I could have run, as I’m sick of my foot hurting, but in truth the workout would have taken me at least twice as long.

Snatching after rowing a mile was unpleasant, which made me glad I kept the weight a bit lighter.  That said, the most I’ve ever snatched is 53 lbs, so as I decided on my weight it seemed like a very silly choice to try to snatch my PR 30 times.

By the time the workout was over though, I really think I could have.  Not having to do a full squat snatch makes me less anxious about the movement.   Obviously, I shouldn’t be able to power snatch more than I can squat snatch, but at the moment I guess I can.  It’s clearly not about strength, it’s about confidence.

Another area for improvement.


Back at the 6 a.m. class.  I inadvertently took all of last week off. It was one of those scenarios where I overslept most every morning and told myself I would go that night, and inevitably something came up nightly that prevented me from attending.

As much as I’m not happy with myself for that, it was good to get a reminder of why I get up at 5:30 every morning and get my butt there.  That is the BEST time for me and when it best fits my schedule.  It sucks, but I’m now even more resolute in the fact that I need to make it happen daily.

Warm Up:  The usual.  I’m still not running.  My right heel is SCREAMING.  More on that later, but I have a feeling I’m going to be a rowing Godess for more than a little while.

Snatch Balance 4×3
Pendlay Row 4×8

Snatch Balance:

YAY!  PR on the Snatch balance for me and it was freaking easy.  I’ve known for some time now that if I can just gain some confidence with my OHS that I will gain a lot in my snatch as well.  Previously 43 was the heaviest I had ever attempted on this movement and without a lot of confidence.

All that said, I did fail one rep in the final set and it took several more failures before I calmed myself down enough to land a few good reps.  When I get nervous and don’t get under the bar fast enough I have a tendency to come forward on my toes.  Bad form.  Keep practicing.

Pendlay Row:

Having never done these before I did a practice set with just the bar.  I’m not sure what happened to my 4th set, but I think I didn’t do it?  We had three people in our group and everyone else had two, so I think when I saw everyone else putting their stuff away I thought I was done.  Oof.  I’m a little cranky with myself for this, as these are supposed to help with pull ups.

Then again, it was 6 in the morning.  It’s possible I did the 4th set and just don’t remember it.  But I’m usually pretty good about that.

12 minute AMRAP
60 lunges
50 sit ups
40 push ups
30 wall balls
20 pull ups
10 burpees

Score: 211 with RR

YAY I got through the whole chipper plus one rep!  I honestly didn’t think I would make it all the way through, so I was happy to complete it.

I did the lunges walking, as I really need to practice those.  As in times before, my knee doesn’t go all the way to the ground but I’m getting better.  My balance is definitely improving.

The push ups were super hard after the sit ups, not so much in my arms but in my core!  I was amazed how I kept doing the like, stripper back wiggle thing instead of holding myself tight because my abs were all tingly.  After a few bad reps I got it straightened out, but it just surprised me.  That’s not where those should hurt.

Otherwise everything went about how I thought it would.  Great first day back.  Love AMRAPs, love chippers and love the gymnastic movements.


Another 6 a.m. workout for me.  This one was a tiny bit rough as I rode last night and then had a (or several) beer after, but luckily the WOD was a shorter one so I hung in there.

Warm Up:  The usual and some shoulder mobility.  I’ve been having some issues with my left side being tight lately.  It’s not painful at all, but my overhead position in that shoulder isn’t as good as my right.  I think a little extra stretching and lacrosse ball work are in order.

Yay sadist punishment.

SWOD:  Snatch Complex (high hang power/top of the knee/floor full squat) 5×2
Warm Up: 2 rounds of the complex with the broom stick
2×2@33 lbs
3×2@43 lbs

I think Snatch isn’t my least favorite lift anymore.  Now, I won’t go so far as to say I’m getting “good” at it, but I’m not ending up on my ass or feeling like I’m going to fall on my face as much anymore.  I’m still coming up on my toes, especially when I pull from the ground into a full snatch, but it’s getting better.

I likely could have done more weight, but the complex had me winded by the end.  Frankly, my body is BEAT today with the extra riding I’ve been doing lately, so I figured I would stay light and work on getting my form perfect rather than go heavy and potentially sacrifice form.

I was really pleased with the way this felt today.


50 DU’s
20 walking lunges with db
20 db plank rows

Time: 11:46 with 10 lbs on db and doing a squishy mat/box runny thing instead of DU’s.

So my right heel is killing me still.  Jumping is out.  I modified with one of my classmates doing a kind of step up maneuver on probably an 8 inch squishy mat.  It was less painful than jumping would have been, but still hurt.  I’ll have to ask coach for another mod next time.

Lunges weren’t working at all for me today.  Remember that leg walking lack of coordination thing I have?  Well put dumbells in my hands and apparently its 1000x worse.  I figured it out eventually, need to keep practicing.  It seems like this should be an easy thing for my body to do, but for some reason its not.

The DB plank rows were a new to me maneuver and holy mother of God were they hard.  I want to do them again like, immediately to redeem myself.  I had initially thought I would do this WOD with 15s, but after a few practice reps of those I took it down to 10 and I’m glad I did.   Super awesome girl coach has me doing some plank holds as part of my homework and as much as I hate them, I’m grateful for it as when we do things like this I realize how weak my core still is.

Something tells me my… uh… everything is going to be sore tomorrow.


6 am carnage

Another 6 a.m. class for me today.  This one wasn’t particularly hard to get out of bed for as I woke up around 3 a.m. and never went back to sleep.  In good news, all of my laundry is done, the kitchen is clean, and I totally started a new book series in the 2.5 hours I was awake and pissed off at myself for not being able to doze back off.

Gotta get this sleep thing figured out because I know I’m going to completely crash today by lunchtime.  4 hours of sleep does not a happy Nicole make.

Enough complaining.

Warm Up:  The usual.  I showed up a few minutes early and did some extra foam rolling.  My hamstrings and glutes are crazy sore today and my quads aren’t in much better shape.

SWOD:  Front Squats 4×5
1×10 @ 33 warm up
1×5@ 53

My legs my LEGS.  Holy crap by that last set my ass wanted to punch me in the face.  I really would have liked to see more weight on these, but will take what I can get today.

WOD: (because my legs aren’t already screaming…)

12 minute AMRAP
600 m run buy in (or 1.2 mile bike)


10 wall balls
8 DB snatches each arm

Score: 3+5 with a .85 bike and 20 lbs on snatches

There were four of us not running today, and coach decided that rather than row (since there was a lot of pulling movement in the snatches) he would have us ride.  A quick calculation and he decided that 1.2 on the bike would be comparable to 600m on the run.

Coach can’t do math at 6 a.m. apparently.

Around the time that everyone had come in from the run and gone to work on the wall balls he waved us off the bikes and we got started.  That said, had I been running my girls that I usually try to keep pace in came in a bit after me, so really, I got a jump start on the WOD.

This was brutal.  I actually really like DB snatches, and this is the first time I’ve manned up and done them at 20 lbs.  I am not wall balls biggest fan, but I broke them into sets of 5 and just tried to keep moving.  By the last 3 minutes of the WOD I could not believe we still had 3 minutes left to go.  I was completely gassed.

Coach called time and I literally collapsed to the floor and had a solid 2 minute coughing fit.  My lungs still aren’t clear of all the strep throat gunk.

Following class coach posted this picture online that he titled “6 a.m. carnage.”

My response?  “Oh so I wasn’t the only one who collapsed immediately?”

Great workout.


If I didn’t rave about it enough in my last post, the new gym is freaking awesome.  I can’t get over this place.  Decided to come to the new 7 a.m. class, as it’s literally .2 miles from where I work and WE HAVE SHOWERS now.  I am so glad I did.  There were only 4 of us there, and we were working on Snatch, which is a movement I feel like I can still benefit from a lot of coaching on.

Warm Up:  The usual.  New route to run though, so that was kind of fun and different.  Bad news, private bakery was making something that smelled delicious and we got to run through the cloud of baconey air.  *DROOL*

SWOD:  Snatch
Warm Up:  3 hang power snatch, 3 OHS, 3 squat snatch
1×3@ 33
3×3@ 43

My hands were killing me.  The new bars are SO pretty, but they’re still really rough.  I actually tore on my left hand on the third set, so I pussed out on this lift.  I admit it.  I’m a baby.

That said, coach filmed me doing these and it was SO COOL to see!  I pull a tiny bit early, but not as much as I thought, and I get a pretty darn good hip extension.   That said, I lean way too far forward.  By the time I’m at my knees you can see my weight come forward, which is why I always have trouble landing these in a good squat stance.

I was able to make a little adjustment, but now that I know what to work on, I have a feeling this lift is going to improve quickly for me.

There’s nothing quite like seeing, in slow motion, frame by frame, what you do well and what needs work.

12 push ups
12 walking lunges (each leg)
Row 250

Time: 13:XX??

We aren’t writing our time on the board yet (because the board isn’t up yet!) so I can’t remember.  No matter, it was a fun WOD.  Used a band for the push ups so  I could actually do all of them on my toes… and here’s my confession… I should have used a lighter band.  Sure, they were hard by the end, but I could have physically done more in that respect.

Walking lunges however, were another story.  I don’t know why my brain doesn’t communicate with my body on this movement.  I feel like if I take a big enough step, my back knee won’t bend, or I fall over, or my legs don’t work or something.  Yeah, my quads were screaming, but I could literally feel myself doing these half assed.  Need practice I guess.

The row was fun.  I haven’t rowed in forever and it didn’t bother my back at all.  Though when I last rowed I think I was doing about a 2:07 pace and today was more like a 2:17.  Ouch.  Guess when you don’t do something regularly you lose fitness there, huh?

I literally can not wait to see what tomorrow’s WOD is and what we get to play with!


Another evening workout for me.  I miss my 6 a.m. peeps, but lately my body is just needing the sleep it seems.

Warm Up- Yoga one.  Captain America was teaching this class and made us do some other odd bendy things, but it was mostly the same.

SWOD: Weighted Pull Ups 5×3

Since I have yet to do a single band assisted pull up due to being absolutely petrified of heights, this was a little daunting.

We paired up, and my first attempt involved me shaking like a leaf and feeling like I was going to vomit.  I kind of just hung there, then called “uncle” and got down.

Not sure what clicked, but after that first attempt I chalked up my hands, had my partner wrap about a thousand bugee cords around me, and I managed to get the 15 reps the coaches called for.  I had to use both the green AND blue bands to get my big ass up there, but I can honestly say I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to successfully do something as I was to do these.

In the end, I think a lot of my fear was because my grip strength was so poor I was worried the bands were going to sling shot me upwards at ramming speeds, my grip would give out, and I would end up flying backwards over the bar, whapping my head, and waking up with severe brain damage and short term memory loss.  None of this happened, so of course, I want to try it again soon.

50 Russian KB swings
14 push ups
10 Hang Power Snatch

Time: 14:49 (I think???) w/25lbs kb and 33 lbs for Snatch

I really think I died in the middle of this WOD.  I’m just going to hope that one of the super hot guys that were doing it right along side me gave me mouth to mouth and restarted my heart and I just don’t remember it.

The thing about these really hard WOD’s is that there’s always a highlight or two that make me smile and help me eek out another rep or two.  First highlight was Captain America shouting at me around the half way point, “come on Nicole, you need to finish this WOD so you have something to blog about.”  Smartass.

The next was near the end of the WOD when I was fighting harder not to vomit than I was to finish the workout and Whole-30-Partner-In-Crime-Girl says, “pick up that kettle bell and swing it like you’re trying to hit some skinny bitch in the face.”  I’m not normally a violent person, but by God that got another 10 reps out of me when I didn’t think I had even one.

In the end I finished and collapsed in a puddle for a solid 10 minutes.  An observation- until I get through the hard part of Whole 30, I think I need to scale more than I have been.  There were lighter options available for both the KB and the Snatch, and had I taken them I probably could have finished this workout with the rest of the class.

I think I get so caught up in pushing myself hard and not taking any steps back that I’m scared to use lighter weights , but if there were ever a time to do it, now is it.