I’m a Vanderkitten VIP for 2015!

Over a month ago I applied to be part of the Vanderkitten VIP team for 2015.

I’ll be honest with you kittens, I’m not sure what I was thinking.  Sure I’ve been having some awesome conversations with myself lately about getting back into racing, and my running and cycling is faster and more consistent than it’s ever been, but applying to be a sponsored athlete for 2015 might have been a *bit* of a stretch.

Until Sunday morning when I checked my email and saw this:

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 10.37.24 AM

Holy CRAP!  I’m in!!!

So check out just exactly how amazing this brand is:

Vanderkitten, “Clothing for women who kick ass”TM, was created to answer the demand for a compelling and empowering brand for women that goes against the “just add flowers” and the “shrink it and pink it” recipies that are so dominant in contemporary women’s active lifestyle apparel. In order to answer this call, we knew we had to be more than just people sitting in a cube penning your future. We had to become fully immersed in the culture of action sports and active lifestyle to develop the look and excitement that reflect what we see around us every day. This enables us to create a fantastic brand by directly creating a new path for women to live extraordinary lives; not settling for the ordinary.

Seriously?  Does it get any more “I am woman hear me roar” than that?  And I GET TO BE A PART OF IT FOR 2015!

I applied as a triathlete, but as I’m learning more about the program and how it works, it appears that there are many of us worldwide, and it’s really a support network for all different sports.

What this means for me from a training perspective is that I will need to work to shift my cardio in more a more specific swim/bike/run format.  I’ve already made the tweak this week to get my butt back in the pool, and will be doing 2x each discipline per week for the short term.  I’m going to continue with my weight training for the moment, but stay tuned as I’m sure there will be some fun changes and endless adventures as I plan my 2015 race season!

Also keep an eye out for some awesome race photos of me swimming, biking, and running with the kitteahs in 2015!

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 10.37.08 AM

Wonder burps and pick up lines


I don’t always “get” men. I mean, I’m usually pretty darn good at reading people and tend to have more guy friends than girl friends, but sometimes I’m caught completely off guard.

Last night after a particularly brutal 20 mile ride, hubs and I decided we wanted to go to a local sports bar to watch the Cards game. One, because there is more beer there than I have at my house. But quite honestly it was more because two, if we tried to do it at home I would be passed out on the couch and snoring so loudly he couldn’t hear the tv by 10 p.m.

The ride was done at 7:30 and the game started at 8, so I raced home, took a 2 minute shower in which I literally washed my arm pits and lady bits, and scrubbed the bugs and dirt off my legs. I spent a whopping 5 minutes finishing the job, which including drying time, running a brush through my hair, and pulling on my old comfy jeans and a plan black tank top. I threw on some flip flops and was out the door, meeting my man just in time for the first pitch.

For anyone who doesn’t follow baseball, last night was a pretty important game for the Cards. They needed to win it to advance in the playoffs, and were playing at home after rallying on the road. Having lived in St. Louis for several years and through two World Series wins, these guys are my team.

As we’ve already established, I’m pretty vocal. When watching sports, I’m even more so. I was totally the girl in the bar yelling at the tv, cheering loudly when they got a run and calling the ump some not so amazing names if he made a bad call.

Seriously, if I were the other 20 guys in the bar, I would have been irritated as hell with me. It wasn’t even as if I was hoping that my overwhelming hotness would get me a free pass, I just didn’t give a damn.

So imagine my surprise when hubs excuses himself for a pee break and not one, not two, but THREE different guys approached me to chat me up. One was even blatant enough with his flirting (“uh so, is that guy like, your boyfriend? Does he appreciate you?”) that even I realized what was going on.

Seriously? What. the. hell?

I almost told hubs about it when he came back, but decided I was having a lot of fun and there was no reason for bloodshed in the bar. Besides, I was a big girl and could take care of myself. I shot the sleezy one down so hard that he may have had to go cry in a corner for a moment. Double suck for him because his team, the Pirates, lost.

Today I just sort of find myself flabbergasted. Maybe I should start giving dating advice? Step one, wait until you’re nearly 30 and be sure to be a little overweight. Step two, look like a hot mess. If you’re picking what just might be bugs out of your nose and teeth, all the better. Make up and deodorant are not only not required, but frowned upon. Step three, be as obnoxious as possible. Step four, drink beer. Not only does it aid with step three, but it gives you really impressive wonder burps that you may just earn you a round of applause. Step five, show absolutely no interest in anyone around you.

There ya go. The recipe for success in picking up a man in a sports bar. Or at least, that’s how it worked for me.

Sometimes dudes are just weird, kittens. Just plain weird.