I’m inspired. Be inspired with me

Hey friends, I need a favor.

As a tiny way of saying THANKS to one of the most amazing women I know, the Crossfit coach whole helped me start turning my life around over 2 years ago, I entered a fun contest sponsored by Stitch Fix on Facebook.

In order to win, we need votes.

Good news is, this is the easiest thing you’ll be asked to do all day.

Go here, scroll down below the entry form, and click the check box for my entry (Nicole K.) nominating Alexis Weedo.

I mean look at this girl.  Of COURSE you want to vote for her!


It’s like playing dress up with Barbie

With weightloss comes the need to buy new clothes that actually fit you.  In my case, the crotch is also evidently falling out of my pants, so it would appear that I have more than one reason to do a little shopping.

Lately, my deal has been investing in one new thing per week at the end of the week as a kind of congratulations to myself for a job well done.

Last week I bought the Team Talayna shirt from WOD Superstore because I’m a huge fan and I can’t wait to see her dominate at the Games.

team talayna

Want one just like it?  Go to http://wodsuperstore.com/products/team-talayna-ladies-tank and get your own.

This week however, I’m really stuck on what my purchase should be.  This is, in part, because there are SO many things I want!

I’ve got it narrowed down to my top 4, but thought it might be fun to let my readers have a little skin the game.  So what say you readers?

Which of the below items is the MUST HAVE item of the week?

WOD Addiction Shorts

WOD Addictionhttps://www.wodaddiction.com/product/womens-wod-shorts-black/



WOD Love Heros Tank

wod love heroshttp://store.lovefitnation.com/product-p/heroes-burnout-tank.htm

3-2-1 Chalk Print Shorts

321 wod shortshttp://www.321apparel.com/collections/womens-shorts/products/chalk-print-compression-shorts

Regardless of what I choose, be sure to check out each of these websites for yourself.  I’ve ordered from each of them before and have been really impressed with the quality and service.  I support businesses that support Crossfit!