Easter Baskets for Fitness Gals

Easter is right around the corner, and since I’m trying to avoid shoving Starburst Jelly Beans in my piehole (they are my nemesis!), my focus is putting together Easter Baskets with fun trinkets that actually aren’t food related.

Check out my top  picks for fitness Easter basket essentials, and if you’re not up for scouting down each item yourself, you can also order a pre-made basket made just for runners!

Body Glide

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 8.43.20 PM

It doesn’t matter if your a runner, a triathlete, a cyclist, or even a Crossfitter, Body Glide is on your must own list.  It’s basically the blister and chaff-age blocker for every square inch of your body, and it’s less than $10 for a huge honking tube of it.  Win!

Hair Ties

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 8.46.52 PM

Seriously, it’s impossible to have too many hair ties.  Myself, I probably have over 100 of them everywhere from my bathroom to my gym bag, and yet when I need one, if it isn’t on my wrist I can’t find one.  Emi Jay makes some seriously enviable ones, not only are they cute as heck (hello python?!) but they stay put.  They go for about $13 a set, and could totally be stuffed into one of those plastic eggs for an extra surprise!

Fun Socks

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 8.52.06 PM

There’s something about a new pair of socks that just makes your whole workout better.  And for cyclists, we all know the power of #sockdoping, so it’s super important for the socks to always be on point.  There’s tons of options out there, and for around $10 a pair you can get an uber nice pair of socks that will be sure to have your fitness bunny hopping around for joy.


Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 9.05.19 PM

I am an absolute Chapstick fiend, and any fit gal who spends time outdoors will go crazy for this dual ended one.  I got to sample it in a Birchbox before it hit the market, and since I have purchased two more because I keep using them up.  One side has sunscreen, perfect for outdoor runs or rides, while the other is a super hydrating night formula.  There’s no color, scent, or flavor, so it’s perfect if you’re not a big lipstick person.  And for less than $5 (I think they’re $3.50 at the Walgreens by me), it’s a steal.

Runners Easter Fun Basket

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 7.17.55 PM

Obviously, all of the items above are a great start for a fitness basket.  But, if you don’t have the time to put together a custom creation yourself, Chalk Talk Sports has got you covered.  They have tons of fitness or running baskets to choose from, and with options from $35-$75, there’s sure to be something fab to fit in your budget.  I really like this one complete with hair ties, stickers, and an easy to grip water bottle.   One of my besties might be getting it just because.

Hey readers, what would not candy surprise you like to see in your Easter basket this year?

I admit, I deserve a throat punch

My colon is on a war path today.

It might have something to do with the entire bottle of wine I drank last night.  Or it might have something to do with the fact that the entire bottle of wine chased down pretty much an entire Chinese restaurants worth of every deep fried, delicious, MSG infused thing you can think of.

And that was just dinner.  Furthermore, that was just yesterday.

Do you ever talk to yourself?  I do.  And not just because I’m nuts.  Sometimes, talking to myself gives me some perspective.

This morning my conversation went something like, “Nicole, why did you do this to yourself?”

I’m sure you all remember last week when I was whining about my health, learning that I need to eat more, and was super motivated to figure this whole thing out.

Feel free to throat punch me today for doing exactly what I said I shouldn’t do, and eating more of all the wrong things.

Literally, all of them.

I’m pretty sure if you could name something that could potentially have negative health effects or inflame my immune and digestive system, I ate it over this weekend.

I don’t even have a hollow leg to blame it on.

I’m determined not to beat myself up any more than I already have and find a way to learn and move forward.

I am very lucky in that my downfall is not lack of knowledge.  People who simply do not KNOW how to be successful have a really hard path to try to follow.  But me?  I know exactly what I have to do.  My path while not easy, is simple.  I simply need to execute the plan that I already have, and use the knowledge that I’ve already gained to do the things that I know will allow me to be successful.

If knowledge is power, I’m freaking Wonder Woman.  Now let’s crack that whip… er… I mean… lasso.


If I had an extra hour in the day I wouldn’t spend it doing this


One of my many quirks is that I am the type of person who wants to be busy at all times.  I tend to take on nearly more than I can handle in every aspect of my life.  I love the feeling of always having something to do, and absolutely can not stand feeling bored.

As a result, I’m super productive, kind of spastic, and typically running 5 minutes behind consistently.

Like I said, it’s a quirk.

An amusing result of this quirk, however, is that there are a handful of things that just flat piss me off.  Because I’m certain that I’m not alone in the world, I’m sharing the top three with you here today in the hopes that someone somewhere will agree with me.

Things that me stabby that are totally weird and you will probably judge me for:

Having to take a crap. 

Ok, I admit, the actual ACT of pooping doesn’t bother me.  What bothers me about it is that it’s not your usual :30 seconds or less bathroom break.  There’s typically more involved.  Even if you wait until the last possible second when there’s a good chance you WON’T be able to hold it on the sprint to the restroom (which for the record I don’t recommend), there’s more required than a simple  go, wipe and wash your hands.

Whether it’s before I leave for work in the morning (thus making me late for work), or once I’m at work (making me pewp in public AND taking me away from work), it just irritates me that I have to spend time doing it.

Blowing my nose.

Here’s a fun fact about me.  Snot kind of skeeves me.  Actually, that’s not true.  MY snot kind of skeeves me.  Other people’s snot doesn’t bother me in the least.  Because of my snot phobia, I flat out will NOT blow my nose in public.  If I’m having a life or death situation where snot eradication is absolutely required or else it’s going to start dripping down my face all on its own, I have to find a dark hole to hide in (or a restroom) before I can even consider blowing my nose.

Once I start blowing, it’s a time consuming process.  I have to make sure all the snot is off my face.  Definitely need to make sure there are no bats in the cave.  And then check that again.  And then one more time for good measure because there is nothing weirder than being mesmerized by someone’s “dangler” when trying to look them in the eye and carry on a conversation.  So all in all, it’s a time consuming process, and man does it piss me off.

Shaving my legs… and the other bits. 

Actually, the legs aren’t that bad.  I’ve been doing that since I’ve been what… 13?  Its down to a science.  Since I’m skeeved by my own body hair (again, other peoples doesn’t bother me but mine does) I shave them most every day.  It’s something I’ve made time for.  However, any other bits that need to be shaved that may be more delicate are so SO time consuming.  Trust me kids, you only rush through that shave job one time.  Then, when you cut something that you only have one of you curse yourself for three days and take your time from there on out.

Obviously, I feel that the results are worth it, but man does it piss me off having to spend an extra 5 minutes in the shower to make sure everything is smooth, and still attached when I’m done.

So my followers, what do you think?  Am I nuts, or are you equally as perturbed when you have to SLOW DOWN for a minute to care for your body?

Truthfully, I blame my irritation on TV.  You never see Wonder Woman taking a break from saving the world to take a crap.

Hello from the phlegm factory that is my life

Strep throat is a curious illness. Who would think that something that makes your throat feel like you’ve taken up a fun little side hobby of gargling battery acid would also cause this acid to come flying out of your butt at a rapid rate requiring you to install both a seat belt and a snow cone on your commode?

In my case, the best, and certainly most notable part, about my strep throat is that is just so happens to coincide with a large three day industry conference in which we are launching our newest product release. I just happen to be solely responsible for all of the marketing efforts around this release, as well as the entire sponsored portion of the conference, so my real life simply won’t let me be sick.

I wonder if I could get one of those face masks from a big designer?

“Oh this? No, this isn’t blocking my pressure washer powered germs from splattering you in the face and giving you a mucous factory of your own. This is Gucci.”

I think even if Wonder Woman let me borrow her lasso, I’m kind of screwed on this one kids.

Would someone hand me my cape please?

wonder woman

You know what’s pretty sweet?  When you’re actually able to do something that means something with the fitness you’ve built.

Last night, after much deliberation and even more bitching and whining, I decided to join my cycling group for a ride.  I had bailed on a colleague/cyclist/friend of mine a few times, and didn’t want to be “that girl” again.  I also needed the spin to loosen my legs from the torturous lunges that had been inflicted on me that morning.

So I went.

Boy am I glad I did.  At about 10 miles in friend hit what we think was a large rock.  Or an armadillo humping a porcupine.  Either way, it did something not so good to his tire.  Usually, when there is an issue with a tire, it’s actually just a flat tube and is easy to change out.  We all carry spares and in 5 minutes can be back on the road.

In this instance, the monstrosity he hit actually ripped open part of the tire, causing an issue that wasn’t easily fixed.

He was a trooper and continued riding, even though there was this bulging thing happening and it wasn’t exactly a smooth ride.  But at 10 miles in, and 10 miles away from home, he didn’t have much of a choice.

At 15 miles in, on the ONLY sweet downhill we get on the whole route, it went from bad to worse.  The tire pretty much exploded, and while there were no fantastic flying-over- the-handlebars gymnastics, the bike was no longer rideable.  There wasn’t a tire repair kit in the world that was going to bring that back to life, and we were still 5 miles out from our cars if we went straight back, and 10 miles left in the usual ride.

*Cue superhero music*

I have a bike rack on my car that can hold more than one bike, and decided that if I wanted to call him a friend I couldn’t just make him walk 5 miles back with his flat tire and cycling cleats on.  I took off without the group (which is much harder riding), and rode the FASTEST 5 miles OF MY LIFE.

Every time my legs got tiered or I got a little gassed I just reminded myself that someone was stranded on the side of the road waiting for me, it was getting dark out, and he would undoubtedly do the same for me.

So I pushed on.

In the end, I averaged over 20 mph on those last 5 miles, which is faster than I am typically able to ride with a group.

And my friend didn’t get raped and murdered by some backwoods hillbilly that thought his spandex were pretty.

So it was a win win all the way around.