Crossfit Box Review: Crossfit 941

Crossfit 941 is a new box that opened recently in Bradenton, FL.  Located just off of SR 64 in an industrial park, this storefront location is pretty much the epitome of what you would expect a new box to be.  The modest indoor space has 10 lifting platforms, a pull up cage, and an array of barbells, kettle bells, slam balls and weight plates.

I attended a 5:30 p.m. class on a Monday evening that had 8 people in it, all ranging in ages and abilities.  I arrived around 10 minutes early and filled out a waiver, and was shown the foam rollers and LX balls should I want to do any mobility.

Two things struck me most about this box.

First off, the coaching was pretty exceptional.  The coach leading my class, Kevin, was meticulous and thorough.  Demonstrating every exercise in detail himself before having the class execute the reps.  He and Chris then worked individually with everyone in class, giving coaching to those who needed it most to correct form, but always making sure that everyone had attention.

Secondly, this class was very small and very quiet compared to what I’m accustomed to.  Granted, I am close friends with many of the members at my box, but even without it our classes are generally chatty, encouraging and all around loud.  In this group, it was usually only the coaches who spoke.

All in all, I would say that I had a great experience at Crossfit 941.  I see this box being a great fit for someone of any ability due to the quality of the coaching, but I can especially see beginners exceling here.  While I didn’t experience much of a competitive environment or motivation between class members, that’s not to say it doesn’t exist on days where there is less technique or a partner WOD.

Crossfit Box Review: Crossfit Lakewood Ranch

Crossfit Lakewood Ranch is my “home base” box, and where I both began and continue my Crossfit journey.  Located in their own stand- alone facility in Lakewood Ranch, Florida, this box boasts an impressive array of equipment and exceptional coaching.

The new facility opened officially in August of 2013, moving the box from their previous home off of SR 70 into the new state of the art facility just before the two year anniversary of the business.

At Crossfit LWR you will find a playground for Crossfit.  With rowers, air dynes, climbing ropes, endless wall balls, slam balls, bars, fat bars, mobility tools and a custom pull up cage spanning the entire length of the building with built in wall ball targets and monkey bars, this facility is pretty much every crossfitters dream.

Owed by husband and wife Aaron and Alexis Weedo, the facility offers a full schedule of classes daily.  Classes include a group warm up, a strength or skill portion, mobility work and a group WOD.

The classes themselves vary in size, but typically have at least 10-15 participants.  The busier evening classes have two coaches to ensure everyone gets adequate attention and critique.

Form during movements is extremely important at this location, and coaches will spend time working one on one with individuals needing extra assistance.  They will also limit the amount of weight participants lift if their form is questionable.

The community at this box is second to none.  Although I am biased in this regard, we as a whole make an effort to make any new participant feel very welcome.  Before each class the coaches ask that we introduce ourselves to anyone we don’t already know, and often times will pair us off during strength allowing for interaction, cheering and friendships to form.

New members interested in Crossfit will enroll in an Elements program, walking them through the basics for each movement before entering into a general class setting.

The ages and abilities of the members of Crossfit LWR differ greatly, and the coaches are able to tailor their coaching and style to every level of athlete.  Though I would remiss if I didn’t point out that there are some very serious athletes at this location, and as a beginner be prepared that it might be intimating to see some of these men and women workout.

The coaches are quick to remind us though that every movement is scalable.  At Crossfit LWR expect to “leave your ego at the door and your sweat on the floor” and get a great workout.