“Thick and sexy” is something you should really only ever say about a milkshake

I could not make this stuff up if I tried.

We have a few regular spots where we hang out on Friday nights, and with my usual group of people they always involve places the guys can play pool.

A few weeks back, we were early on in our drinking and bar hopping merriment, and decided to stop at a place that isn’t on the regular list, but has some pretty great tables.  I’m flexible, and as long as they have Whiskey, I’m easy to please.

Within five minutes of walking in the door, we realize we’re not exactly in the classy part of town.  But as I was there with hubs and another dude, I figured not much could go wrong.  We ordered drinks, got a table, and the guys started their smack talking for the night.

A few minutes later, a girl who was obviously on something other than what the bartender was pouring stumbled over to our table asking to bum a cigarette.  At least I think that’s what she asked.  She may have also been asking for a shampoo or a chimpanzee, but either way, I don’t smoke and had none of the above on me.

For some reason, I was trying to be nice to this stranger who just wouldn’t LEAVE ME ALONE.  Hubs came to the rescue a moment later at which point she says:

“Girl, you so THICK and SEXY I’m gonna steal you from your man.”

Uh, what?

My initial response was, “I’m never eating again.”

But after conferring with friends who are a little better with the slang than I, I discovered it was a compliment.

So really, my response should have been:

“Thanks.  I squat.”

After which I think it would have been totally socially acceptable to chase her off with the chalked up end of a pool cue.

Ah people.  Always good for a laugh.

1.3.2013 Workout

Happy birthday to my partner in crime, my bestie that convinced me to try Crossfit in the first place!

In honor of her, I agreed to visit her box and do her birthday workout with her tonight.  Little did I know that she’s a freaking SADIST and requested KAREN (that’s 150 wall balls for time kids!) as her birthday workout!

I still love her, but will think again when I promise a sweat sacrifice as a birthday gift.

Warm Up:  Pretty standard.  This is probably the coldest day of the whole winter so far in Florida, so even after the warm up, I wasn’t even close to warm.

SWOD:  Snatch 5×3

We did a pretty extensive snatch warm up with the PVC pipe and the empty bar to make sure we were really ready for this.

5×3 @ 33 lbs

I did a few of them as full squat snatches, but was having trouble getting my balance.  Obviously, I haven’t been to Crossfit in over a month and didn’t want to overdo it my first day back, so I changed to power snatches and added and OHS to work on my stability.

WOD:  Karen 150 wall balls for time

Time: 15:50ish at 120 wall balls- 90 with 15 lbs slam ball, 30 with 10 lbs slam ball

So I had every intention of doing this with a 10 lbs ball, as I know I’ve lost a lot of fitness from being out AND being sick for so long.  Unfortunately, there weren’t enough 10 lbs balls to go around, and there were folks far newer than me who needed and wanted the lighter weight.  I decided to be a good sport, but by about 60 reps in my legs were literally giving out.

I knew I wasn’t going to be able to finish this workout.  I hate to say that, but physically I was not able to do it.  My legs were shaking so bad by around the 100 rep mark I was doing singles and failed reps stuck at the bottom of the squat and unable to stand up.

When the birthday girl finished, I called it.  With 30 reps left to go.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit disappointed, but I know that I gave it all that I had.

Now to foam roll myself so that I can walk, and WOD, again by Monday!


Happy October!  This is my favorite month of the year for so many reasons.  It’s my birth-month.  The weather should start getting at least a bit cooler here.  Pumpkin cider is everywhere.  And when I used to live up north the leaves would be pretty.  So now I guess I get to see pictures of pretty leaves on facebook.

This month I’m going to add two new bits to my blog that I haven’t previously done, but want to keep me accountable.  First off, I’m going to set a goal for the minimum number of times I will attend Crossfit this month… drumroll please… 22!  This will give me weekends off (when I usually ride), and two other days during the month that I could opt out of going.

Additionally, I’m going to start blogging every Monday about my goal progress.  I set up my nifty page, so I don’t want these things that I want to achieve to go by the wayside.  I will weigh in (shudder), report weightloss, progress on my Crossfit skills, and also keep a tally of total number of workouts and miles on the bike.

Obviously, I kinda dig numbers and crossing things off lists.  This is a way to do both.  Sweet!

On to the workout.

Warm Up- the usual.  Went at 5:30 p.m. and it was hot and a large class.  Captain America was teaching, and I’m really starting to like this kids style.

Mobility:  T-spine with broomsticks and Traps/1st rip (ouch)

SWOD:  Push Jerk 5×3

This was FUN!  I can’t remember the last time we practiced push jerks, and I was surprised to find my body seemed to know just what to do.  I probably should have added on another 5 for the last set, but the coach said to keep it light and work on form, so I did.  As it got heavier I did notice that my instinct was to push press it and not drop so far back under the bar, so I focused on getting down and keeping my knees out and weight in my heels as I did.

WOD: For time

10 front squats
5 muscle ups (or 5 ring rows, 5 dips)
8 front squats
4 muscle ups
6 front squats
3 muscle ups
4 front squats
2 muscle ups
2 front squats
1 muscle up

Time: 4:43 @53 lbs with green band

Ok so, I went too light on the squats (should have done at least 63), and used too much band on the ring dips (should have used blue).

And I’m kicking myself a little about the band, because I’m pretty sure the last time we did ring dips I said the same thing.  Especially with such a low number of reps, this was just way too much assistance and it was simply too easy.

The squats admittedly weren’t “easy,” but I absolutely could have done more weight.  I did every set unbroken, and other than a little grunt on my 6th rep in my set of 6, my legs were fine.

Things to remember for next time.

Despite my sandbagging, this was a really fun workout.  I love watching our super athletes do their muscle ups.  That’s some impressive stuff right there.


Another p.m. class for me.  The sun finally came out today after three days of non stop rain, so it’s bright and sunny and feels like a steam room.  Gotta love Florida.

Before Class:  5 wall walks, working every time to get my hands one step closer than before.  The 5th one was ugly, but otherwise I made a little progress.

Warm Up:  The usual with coach Shifu.  Seems like we’re all a little sore today.  As a side note, I don’t know how or why, but walking lunges TOTALLY just clicked for me today.  I didn’t fall over once, my back knee lightly tapped the ground, my knees stayed out… is it possible that I just woke up and figured out how to do these?

Mobility:  Triceps mashing.  OUCH.  I’ve never done that before.  I think I’m going to have to do it every day because it hurts so good.

SWOD: Front Squats 5×5
1×10 @ 33
1×5 @ 53
1×4@ 73- failed last rep
2×5@ 63

So I did “Sally” during my lunch break, and my quads were very aware of it.  As a result, I kept feeling like I was getting stuck in the hole on my squats.  I should have had 73, and probably even 83 for a set of 5 no problem, but I just didn’t today.

Which is ok.  Not every day is a PR.  But the girl I was partnered with is one of the newer graduates and she was AWESOME!  She got to 103 and I’m not sure she even realized how much she was lifting until I told her.  It’s always great to see the look on someone’s face when they realize how much they just squatted.  Fun times.

1 shuttle run (row for 5 cals)
5 slam balls
2 shuttle run (row for 10 cals)
10 slam balls
3 shuttle run (row for 15 cals)
15 slam balls
4 shuttle run (row for 20 cals)
20 slam balls

Time: 8:something? w/20 lbs ball

This was so. Much. Fun.  The only thing that kinda sucked was that everyone was shuttle running outside and I was rowing by myself inside, which meant I was on my own for motivation with this workout.

I love rowing (minus the NASTY blister I have on my hand right now from it), and I actually really like slam balls too.

By the end of this workout my quads were SCREAMING and I was pretty much completely gassed.  Luckily, that was right as everyone was finishing up and coming back inside.  I got a little cheering crew for my last 5 reps, and I needed it by that point.

Fun fun WOD.  I honestly wasn’t even *that* upset that I couldn’t run.

Sally Can Suck It


I must be a glutton for punishment, because when a friend of mine linked me to this video, I knew I had to try this workout.

I guess I should have considered that Jason Khalipa and Miranda Oldroyd practically collapse at the end, so for me, it might be a bit challenging.

Heck, I DID consider that.  Which is why for my first round I did it without any weight.

Air squats people.

And by the end of the song, I decided.  Sally is not a nice girl.  Sally is a down and up slut.  And she can suck it.

Watch the video, then try the workout.  Rules are simple.  Down is down.  Up is up.  Rx 135/95.

Let me know how you do.